Bankruptcy Attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire

Annutto Law Office has a number of experienced attorneys in Nashua, New Hampshire. It is vital that you have an attorney that can work within the laws set to help you carve out a new beginning.

Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

While you can certainly file for bankruptcy on your own, it is to your advantage to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side.  An attorney that understands the ever-changing bankruptcy laws and knows how to apply them to your situation is of great benefit when you are working with creditors and other individuals trying to get payment from you that you simply do not have.

Stopping Harassing Calls!

As soon as we have a retainer for our legal services, you can refer creditor calls to us, putting an end to the harassment! We can also help you to keep your house, your cars, and your assets. We can help you:

• Prevent collectors from calling you at home. • Prevent collectors from calling you at work. • Prevent collectors from calling your neighbors or relatives.

The federal and state bankruptcy laws provide you with a set of exemptions that can be used to protect your assets. It has been our experience that in most cases, all assets are protected and it is just the debts that are wiped out!

New Hampshire Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy is a complex issue, with new laws that can make it even more difficult to maneuver without the proper experience. It is important to understand that the laws of bankruptcy are detailed and vary depending on each individual situation.

Bankruptcy is essentially broken into three main filings: Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. The right one for your situation depends on what criteria you fit. Bankruptcy is regulated federally and therefore is filed in federal court and not a state court.

Some attorneys limit you to 30 minutes and charge for going over the 30 minutes. Some attorneys give you generic information, a worksheet to go home and complete, and force you to figure it out yourself.

We provide a free consultation. When I say free, I mean free. No strings attached, no small print, no hidden charges. The free consultation is an opportunity for us to meet. It is a chance for you to be comfortable with me, be comfortable with the bankruptcy process, and ask all the questions that you need answered to determine whether bankruptcy is the right option for you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation to discuss your situation with our bankruptcy attorney.