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Bankruptcy Checklist in New Hampshire

The process of filing for bankruptcy entails very specific steps. You have to be approved and have to understand the overall impact bankruptcy will have on your life and financial future. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help you get the process started. First, there are certain documents and information you need to provide to see if you qualify and to get the ball rolling towards a fresh start.

What I Need To Bring to a Bankruptcy Appointment

You need to bring the following documents and information to our law office before we can help:

  • Valid ID or ID’s if a couple is filing
  • Social Security Cards
  • 3 years of tax returns
  • Payroll stubs for 6 months
  • Payroll stubs for spouse, even if that spouse isn’t filing for bankruptcy
  • Bank and account statements for the last 6 months
  • Any foreclosure or eviction paperwork or filings against you
  • Any information related to repossession of property
  • Documentation related to any lawsuits
  • Child support and alimony documentation and orders
  • Life insurance documents

Your unique situation may mean there are more documents or information needed to begin the bankruptcy process. Once you have gathered these essential documents and pieces of information, we can assess if bankruptcy is the right choice and which form of bankruptcy will benefit you the most. With the help of the bankruptcy professionals at the Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto, you can feel confident in your financial future and look forward to the fresh start you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.