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Bankruptcy Laws in New Hampshire

Bankruptcy is a legal process and can be complicated depending on the specific circumstances involved. Because it is a legal process, you need dedicated and trusted legal counsel by you side. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help navigate your bankruptcy filing and help you understand the bankruptcy laws that may affect your case.


Under the law, you must qualify to file for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy has very specific criteria that must be met before you can file. The means test is a way of determining if you qualify for this type. In New Hampshire, you must have an income lower that the median income in the state for a same sized family before being approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you earn more, you may still petition the court to approve the bankruptcy, but it may be difficult. If approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will appoint a trustee to evaluate the assets and oversee the sale of those assets, along with the task of paying back creditors.

If approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need to understand the laws pertaining to exemptions. This outlines which type of property and how much you can keep and not have liquidated to pay back creditors.

The laws for Chapter 13 bankruptcy pertain to the timeline and process of getting a repayment plan approved. This type allows you to repay back due debt and keep assets. However according to law, if you fail to live up the agreement, your creditors can begin collections against you and vie for the assets you have.

Preparing For Bankruptcy

There is a court hearing involved before a bankruptcy petition is approved. Understanding what needs done beforehand, what documentation is required, and exactly what terms you are agreeing to is a vital part of the legal process. Bankruptcy Attorney Joseph M. Annutto can help explain the legal process, the laws pertinent to your case, and exactly what you can expect. We have the experience to act in your best interest and the compassion to understand this may be a difficult time for you. Let us be your clear-headed and knowledgeable source for legal information and representation when you want to pursue bankruptcy in New Hampshire.