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Administrative License Suspension Hearings in NH

An administrative license suspension hearing is a legal proceeding that determines whether you will lose your right to drive in New Hampshire or if your license will be reinstated after revocation. It is in your best interest to have legal representation to walk you through the process and help ensure your rights are protected. Annutto Law Office can be your source of support, guidance, and representation as we assist you with an administrative license suspension hearing.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you have been arrested and received notice that your license may be suspended, you have 30 days to contest that suspension and request a hearing. At the requested hearing, a judge or examiner will hear your side and will also hear from the officer who arrested you. You will be under oath and have a chance to explain why you feel your license should not be suspended. An officer will also be under oath and will try to justify why you were pulled over and cited or arrested. This may include presenting evidence of being under the influence and proof that you failed a field sobriety test. It will also include evidence that you were in control of the vehicle. After hearing the evidence, the judge or examiner will make a recommendation as to whether to reinstate your license.

Experienced ALS Hearings Attorney

It is vital that you understand the format of a hearing and what to expect as you appear. Attorney Annutto can fully explain what may occur and the potential evidence that may be presented against you.  We can prepare you and help ensure you get the best outcome at your hearing. Handling an administrative license suspension hearing on your own is never a good idea. With our help, your rights will be protected and any stress over the unknown can be alleviated. Let us hear the details of your hearing and case and devise the best strategy possible to ensure a fair outcome at your administrative license suspension hearing.