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Annulment of Criminal Records in New Hampshire

Everyone deserves a second chance. If you have been convicted of a crime in New Hampshire, you might be able to seek an annulment of your criminal record. This is a legal process that can essentially give you the fresh start you deserve and can help you put your past behind you. Annutto Law Office can review your situation and pursue an annulment of criminal records so you can move forward with a clean record.

Annulment Qualifications

An annulment of criminal records will result in you being treated as if the arrest and conviction did not happen at all. A petition for an annulment needs to be filed in court and a judge will either grant or deny the petition.  In order to pursue an annulment, certain criteria must be met. You must not have any criminal offenses on your record for a certain period of time and you must have completed the terms of any sentence previously ordered. There must be documentation of this completion. That can be in the form of completion of a substance abuse program, probation completion, or completion of court ordered therapy. If an annulment is denied, there is a waiting period for you can reapply for annulment.

There are many personal and professional reasons to seek an annulment of criminal records. You may want to get your good name back and repair a tarnished reputation. You may also simply want to erase a mistake that could hold you back from a career you want to pursue.

Experienced Criminal Annulment Attorney

The success of an annulment of criminal records petition hinges on a judge being persuaded in your favor. The legal hearing, much like any other legal hearing, should be handled by a skilled and experienced legal representative. Criminal Attorney Joe Annutto has the ability to present your side and petition in a way that can help sway the ruling in your favor. We will go over the details of your case and discover the benefits of an annulment. We understand how much an annulment may mean to you and your family. We can uncover the best strategy for going forward with an annulment of a criminal record and help you put the past behind you.