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Criminal Defense Investigations in New Hampshire

An investigation into the facts and circumstances is important for any criminal case. The State has the resources to prosecute and investigate each case, using police officers and investigators assigned to ensure a criminal charge is prosecuted by any means possible. If you have been charged with a crime, you deserve and need those same resources to defend yourself and move forward from a criminal charge. Annutto Law Office has the resources and time needed to proceed with a criminal defense investigation as we work to protect your rights.

The Investigation Process

A criminal defense investigation in New Hampshire can involve the investigation of a crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and preparing the client for what may lay ahead. A thorough investigation may include background checks on witnesses, gathering evidence to support the defense, and a review of police reports and witness statements. The results of an investigation can help defense attorneys formulate a plan for a comprehensive defense. Vital information can be uncovered during a criminal defense investigation that can affect the outcome of your case and possibly secure your freedom. Relying on the prosecution’s version of the facts or documentation of a scene or incident is never in your best interest.

Aggressive Defense Attorney

With the help of a criminal defense investigation, a stronger and more effective defense strategy can be planned and implemented if the case goes to trial. Our firm not only understands the importance of a thorough investigation, we fight and diligently pursue any aspect of an investigation that may help your case. If you are facing a serious charge, you need to know someone is out there fighting on your behalf and working to ensure no stone goes unturned. Annutto Law Office can be your resource for that much-needed advocacy. We can give your case the time and personal attention needed to ensure a full investigation. Our firm is dedicated to getting every piece of helpful information that may exist. Let us hear the details of your situation and see if we can secure a criminal defense investigation that could result in the outcome you need.