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DUI Consequences in New Hampshire

Any DUI charge in New Hampshire is a serious matter. Regardless of whether it is a first offense or a fourth, you need a clear understanding of the legal consequences that are possible if you are convicted. Annutto Law Office can help explain the consequences and work to minimize the impact those consequences can have on your life.

The specific consequence for a DUI depends on the situation. If it is a first offense, there are fines and the loss of a driver’s license for a period of up to 18 months. There can possible be jail time, also. A second offense DUI can lead to higher fines, a license suspension of up to three years, and 30 days in jail. A third offense has even greater consequences. It can lead to up to two years in jail, high fines, and possible indefinite license suspension.

Other Types of DUI Charges

If a DUI is an aggravated charge, which means there was serious bodily injury or a death involved, there may be a seven year prison sentence imposed and a felony on your record forever. A felony charge can impact every aspect of your professional and personal life.

Most DUI charges can result in a substance abuse screening assessment. The findings of a screening can lead to a service plan, such as counseling or enrollment in a substance abuse program. A DUI can also lead to the requirement to carry SR-22 insurance. If you don’t pay the fee or if you drop the insurance before the time mandated, you will have to pay for it longer and risk losing your driver’s license again. Most DUI convictions beyond a first conviction will lead to the requirement to install an ignition interlock device. This is essentially a breathalyzer you have to keep in your own vehicle. You are required to breathe into the machine in order to start your car. Any tampering with the device will result in further legal consequences.

Experienced DUI Attorney

Any DUI can affect your wallet, your ability to drive, and your freedom. It will also impact your reputation in countless ways. The consequences are high and will vary according to the circumstances under which you were charged. Attorney Joseph Annutto takes DUI cases of all kinds very seriously. We understand how the consequences can affect you and your future. We can review your case and determine what the most likely consequences may be. Then, we can formulate a defense strategy that can help reduce the charges, lead to a dismissal, or lessen the consequences in some way. Before accepting the consequences of a DUI arrest, let us hear the details and ensure your rights are upheld and help you get the best resolution possible.