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DUI Defense Attorney in New Hampshire

A DUI charge can be frightening to deal with and can create a great deal of anxiety and stress. The consequences can include high fines, loss of your driver’s license and even jail time. If you have been charged with a DUI, whether it’s a first offense or an aggravated DUI, you should know there is no such thing as an open and shut case. Regardless of the situation, you deserve to pursue defense options that may minimize the impact of the charge or result in a dismissal of a DUI charge. Annutto Law Office in Nashua NH can aggressively pursue the best DUI defense for your situation.

We Challenge DUI Charges

A DUI charge in NH can be challenged for a number of reasons. The initial reason you might have been pulled over can be challenged in itself, as the police cannot legally pull you over unless there is cause. We can fight the charge if there was no cause to pull you over.

If your charge is the result of failing a field sobriety test, there are a number of ways we can fight that evidence. A field sobriety test is subjective as the police decide if you pass or fail. If you have certain medical conditions or you were not properly instructed as to how to do the tasks, our firm can fight to have those subjective results tossed out. Weather conditions or the condition of the area where the test was conducted can also play a role in the outcome. For example, if there were high winds or the area was icy, the results can be challenged.

Other tests given, such as breathalyzer or blood tests, can also be challenged as part of a DUI defense. Breath tests are notoriously misleading and certain factors can lead to a false reading, such as cough medicine or mouth wash. Blood tests need to be handled in a specific way and any mishandling can lead to a false results. Every percentage point matters when a DUI charge is filed. If the person giving the test wasn’t certified or properly trained to do so, the results should be fought and potentially dismissed.

Police misconduct can also be a factor in a DUI case. Our attorneys will pour over the details and investigate the situation to determine if any improper police action may prove beneficial to the defense.

Experienced DUI Attorney

There are many defense options when facing a DUI charge. Attorney Annutto will take the time to explore your case and give you the personal attention you deserve. Our attorneys can plan a defense strategy that works for you and helps minimize the impact a charge may have on your life. Let us hear the details of your case and see how our DUI defense options may benefit you.