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Felony Aggravated DUI Attorney in New Hampshire

Any DUI charge in New Hampshire can be distressing and cause a great deal of anxiety. A felony aggravated DUI charge should be taken very seriously as the consequences can impact all areas of your life. If you are facing a felony aggravated DUI charge, you need immediate legal help and you need to ensure your rights are protected. Annutto Law Office has the experience and compassion needed to defend a felony aggravated DUI charge and we will fight diligently to protect your rights as the case moves forward.

Types of Felony Aggravated Charges

A DUI will be upgraded to a felony aggravated charge under certain conditions. If the DUI incident led to serious bodily injury or death, it may be upgraded. Other factors that can lead to a felony aggravated charge are the BAC level and if there is a prior record. This type of DUI conviction leads to jail time. You could be sentenced to a maximum of seven years in jail. However if death occurs, a negligent homicide charge can be filed and result in 15 years in prison. Seven days in a multiple offender program may be ordered along with high fines. A conviction can also lead to an indefinite loss of your driver’s license. You will lose your license for a minimum of seven years. If you are allowed to drive again, your insurance premiums will rise.

If convicted of felony aggravated DUI, you will have a felony on your criminal record forever. Any kind of felony conviction has its own set of consequences. A felony can prevent you from obtaining certain professional licenses and even getting hired in certain fields. A background check will show you are a convicted felon and this could affect your ability to get loans or even rent an apartment.

Experienced DUI Attorney for NH

You need representation from a skilled and experienced DUI attorney who understands the severity of a felony aggravated DUI charge. Annutto Law Office has the compassion and dedication needed to help you fight a charge and pursue a fair and successful outcome. We will give your case the time and personal attention needed. Our experience dealing with local authorities can be an asset to your case. We will negotiate on your behalf and fight to minimize the charge or defend you as the case moves forward. We will investigate the facts, review the evidence, and challenge any evidence that may be used against you. Our firm understands what is at stake and will fight vigorously to get the best resolution possible. Let us hear the details and put forth the best defense strategy for your case.