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Resisting Arrest Attorney in New Hampshire

A resisting arrest charge in New Hampshire can be frustrating and stressful to deal with for anyone. Resisting arrest can result in legal consequences that may impact many areas of your life. If a situation occurred and a resisting arrest charge was filed against you, it is in your best interest to secure legal help as soon as possible. Annutto Law Office has the skill and experience needed to help you fight a resisting arrest charge in New Hampshire.

Resisting Arrest Penalties

Resisting arrest is legally defined as knowingly or purposely physically resisting being taken into custody. This can be against an officer from the state police, local police, or a probation officer.

A resisting arrest charge can be complex as it may come about after a heated situation or even a misunderstanding. When someone is being placed under arrest, there can be a great deal of confusion and fear of what may happen next. What may be the result of panic and fear can be interpreted as resisting arrest or threatening. It can be subjective and it may turn into a situation of your word against the police officer involved. Actions may also be misinterpreted as resisting when adrenaline is running high and a situation is unfolding quickly. For those in a position where they know with certainty that they did nothing legally wrong, the act of being arrested can be overwhelming. Even if the charge resulting in the arrest is dismissed or you are acquitted, a charge of resisting arrest can still be pursued against you.

Resisting arrest is most commonly a misdemeanor charge in New Hampshire which can result in a fine and up to one year in jail. However, if you are charged with causing serious bodily injury, resisting arrest can lead to a felony charge. A felony conviction for resisting arrest can lead to time in prison and a criminal record that can impact the rest of your life.

Experienced Criminal Attorney

Attorney Annutto  recognizes that misunderstandings occur and how a charge may be unwarranted. We also understand the tension and frustration of being arrested and how that can cause panic and stress, leading to actions or words that may be out of character. Our firm can investigate the circumstances and help present your side in the best light. We can interview witnesses and work to reduce a charge, or least minimize the impact it can have on your life. A charge of any kind can affect your reputation, family, and your career. Let us hear the details of the incident and see how we may be able to help.