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Stalking Order Laws in New Hampshire

A stalking charge in NH can be stressful, confusing and come about during an emotional time. Being charged with stalking or violating a stalking order can lead to serious legal consequences in New Hampshire. If you have been charged, you need to understand the relevant laws in New Hampshire. Annutto Law Office can help explain the laws and formulate a defense strategy to help you through this difficult time.

Stalking is legally defined as purposely targeting a person with at least two separate acts that cause him or her to fear for his or her safety or the safety of that person’s family.

Stalking Penalties

A stalking charge can be either criminal or civil. The process of filing a stalking order is similar to obtaining a restraining order. If someone obtains a temporary stalking order against you, a hearing will take place 30 days later. At this time, the court will hear from both parties. If the order is granted, it can be in effect for one year. A stalking order will mean you can’t contact the party for that time amount of time. This means you can’t confront the person at home, work, or school. You may also be ordered to undergo counseling. If you do or engage in any conduct that is considered a violation of the order, there may be additional charges filed.

Stalking is a Class A misdemeanor charge. It can result in up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. If a conviction of stalking is the second conviction in a seven year period, it can be filed as a Class B felony. This is much more serious and can impact every aspect of your life. A felony conviction means you might not be able to own a firearm and it can prohibit you from getting certain jobs and professional licenses.

Experienced Stalking Order Attorney

Stalking situations can be complex given the fact that each case can be vastly different. People can misinterpret actions or overreact, leading to criminal consequences. If you have been charged with stalking, Annutto Law Office may be able to help you. We will investigate the facts and evidence and work tirelessly to explain your side. We have the negotiating experience and relationships with local authorities to help obtain a fair and timely resolution. A stalking charge can impact your family and reputation. We understand that impact and will work to resolve the matter quickly and fairly. Let us hear the details of your case or further explain New Hampshire stalking order laws. We can ensure your rights are protected and be your source for the legal support you need and deserve.