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Witness Tampering Attorney in New Hampshire

Witness tampering is an extremely serious charge in New Hampshire. If charged, you could be facing prison time and high fines. It is important to understand the legal definition of witness tampering and the possible consequences of the charge. Annutto Law Office has experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorneys who can help you fight a witness tampering charge and help you obtain a quick resolution to your case.

Witness Charges & Penalties in NH

Witness tampering in NH is a charge that can only occur if there is a pending case or a legal proceeding is taking place. It is defined as an attempt to make or coerce a person into giving false testimony under oath or an attempt to coerce or threaten a person into withholding information from authorities. Another form of witness tampering is influencing or coercing another into not showing up for a court date or hearing. Coercing that person into eluding authorities who wish to gather testimony is also a form of witness tampering. Enticing or soliciting a person into not testifying is witness tampering. If there is retaliation against a witness or informant, a charge of witness tampering may be pursued.

Witness tampering is a Class B felony. This means if you are convicted you could be facing three and a half years to seven years in prison, along with a $4,000 fine. A felony conviction can have an impact on all areas of your life long after you serve your debt to society. As a convicted felon, you may be ineligible for certain jobs and certain professional licenses. A convicted felon can’t own a firearm either. A felony may affect your ability to rent an apartment, get a loan, or conduct other financial matters. A felony stays on your record forever and can certainly affect your reputation and family.

Experienced Witness Tampering Attorney

If you are facing a witness tampering charge, you need to understand your rights. Annutto Law Office understands the impact the charge may have on your life and will fight to formulate a defense strategy that suits your best interest. We will investigate the purported evidence against you and interview any witnesses that may help your case. Our firm can give your case the time and personal attention needed to secure a favorable outcome. Miscommunications and misunderstandings can propel a charge of witness tampering. Let us hear the details of your case and help relieve the stress and anxiety that a charge may be causing you.