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Child Support in New Hampshire

There may be no other area of family law more emotional and life-altering than parenting and child support issues. The dynamics of any family dealing with child support issues is one that requires patience, compassion, and respect for the sensitive nature of the situation. At the Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto in Nashua NH, our attorneys understand the complexities and the importance of any case involving children. We work diligently to protect our client’s rights and pursue the most fair and just resolution for any support case.

Once residential responsibility of children is established, the question of child support is typically addressed. New Hampshire has a formula for calculating support based on the number of children, monthly gross income of parents, health insurance costs, and childcare expenses. The Court will order child support as set by the formula unless special circumstances exist that would justify deviating from the child support guidelines.

Child support orders may be modified every three years or more often if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. A substantial change in circumstances may be changing jobs, becoming unemployed, relocating out of state, or the changing needs of the child. If a parent does not pay the support obligation, a motion to the Court may be needed to enforce compliance.

Experienced Child Custody Attorney

The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help navigate a sensitive and complicated child support case. Our firm takes the time to understand your situation and will give your case the personal attention and time needed to protect you as a parent and protect your child, too. Our firm knows what is at stake and will work diligently to assist you in getting the resolution you need. Contact us today!

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