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Child Removal & Parental Relocation in New Hampshire

When both parents are involved in the parenting of their child, they benefit from a parenting plan which includes detailed responsibilities and obligations. If a parent plans to relocate for work, school, remarriage, or another reason, your parenting plan may already govern what a parent must do to accomplish relocation.  That parent may need to gain permission from the court if he or she plans to take the child on the move. If the other parent opposes the move because of the impact on the child or visitation, that parent may seek legal action to stop the relocation. Regardless of which side you may be on when it comes to a parental relocation issue, you need experienced and compassionate legal support. The Annutto Law Office can help.

The NH Courts Approach

The family court system in New Hampshire works diligently to ensure the best interest of children is upheld and taken into consideration anytime a dispute arises. The court system strongly encourages to work together to adjust parenting plans if there is a relocation of one parent. However, if that fails, litigation may be necessary.

The Courts take a number of things into consideration before ruling to approve relocation and parenting plan adjustment. There must be a legitimate need for the relocation of the child. There must also be reasonable notice for the relocation or removal of the child from the area. The relationship between the child and parents is also considered, as is the child’s access to schooling and healthcare. The move may alter parenting time and affect the child’s ability to spend time with extended family, which will also be considered by the court. If there are any special needs, how those needs will be addressed when a child moves will be determined and weighed. The additional travel expenses of one parent to spend time with a child may also be part of an agreement or order pertaining to relocation and removal.

Child Removal Out of State

The issue of relocating a child or removing that child from the state can be stressful and overwhelming for all involved. Our firm understands the sensitivity and importance of any parenting order. If you are trying to relocate with a child or are fighting relocation, you need to be heard and you need trusted legal help by your side. The Annutto Law Office will listen to the details of your case and fight to help you get the resolution you need. We will explain the positives of your position and work to prove the best interest of the child involved. With our help, your relocation or removal case can be handled smoothly and fairly, with your needs addressed and respected in family court.

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