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Contempt of Court Order in New Hampshire

When one party does not comply with a Court Order, a motion for contempt can be filed requesting a contempt order. Contempt in a family court case can come about for any number of reasons including non-payment of alimony or child support. If you have been charged with contempt or need to file a contempt order in New Hampshire, you need an attorney who has the experience and dedication to follow through to get the results you need. The family law attorneys at Annutto Law Office can be your source for legal guidance as you face a contempt issue.

Reasons to File for Contempt

In order to be found in contempt of a Court order, a judge must make a finding that you have willfully disobeyed a provision of the Court’s order.  There are many issues that may lead to the filing of a Motion for Contempt.  Some of common examples include failure to abide by a child support or alimony order, failure to follow a parenting plan, ignoring an order to sell a house as part of a property division agreement, or failing to follow an order to pay attorney fees.

Penalties for Not Complying

There are serious consequences for not complying with a Court’s order. The party filing the motion can request attorney’s fees ordered be paid as a result of a finding of contempt, additional fines imposed on top of the already ordered obligations, and even jail time is a possibility.

If you are facing a contempt charge, it is vital that you have legal assistance to explain the reason or cause of non-compliance. There are times when a loss of a job, relocation, or other situation leads to non-compliance of a court order. If certain standards are met, a modification may alleviate the contempt complaint.

Experienced Contempt Attorney

Contempt should be taken seriously by all parties. The Law Office Joseph M. Annutto can help you face or file a contempt complaint. We can assess the initial order and ensure it is upheld or modified as needed. Our attorneys understand the importance of court orders and how non-compliance can be disruptive and detrimental to anyone involved, especially if the order involves financial support. We will review your case and work to resolve the problem in a way that suits the needs of everyone affected. Let us help you handle any contempt complaint and get the fair and just outcome you deserve.

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