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Domestic Violence Attorney in New Hampshire

Domestic violence and restraining orders are taken very seriously by the New Hampshire family court system.  Any incident of domestic violence and a restraining order that may follow can impact the lives of everyone involved in a number of ways.  Because this type of incident can be emotionally challenging and distressing for all, it is important to secure trusted and compassionate legal counsel who will help you during this difficult time.  The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can be your source for information, understanding, and guidance as you deal with domestic violence and restraining orders.

Types of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence includes threats of abuse, assault, destruction of property, harassment, or a sexual assault involving parties who have a significant relationship.  This may mean the incident is between spouses, ex-spouses, dating partners, co-parents, household members, or other blood relatives.  When police respond to a domestic violence call, they will assess the situation for the above factors and can make an arrest.  If the police make an arrest, bail conditions containing a restraining order will be issued. This order will be enforceable until a court hearing.

Even if police are not involved, any individual can file a civil domestic violence or stalking restraining order through the Court.  The request for a civil restraining order will be evaluated by a judge.  If the Judge feels that the Plaintiff has met the statutory requirements to obtain a restraining order, the Judge may issue a restraining order immediately without the Defendant presenting any evidence.

A restraining order or bail conditions containing a restraining order can require the person served to leave a shared home, hand over any fire arms, and make orders regarding contact with minor children. The person served cannot contact the other party or show up at that person’s workplace or school. Any contact, further threats, or violence can result in criminal charges. This can lead to jail time and greatly impact any family court issues, such as divorce or parenting issues.

We Fight For You

If you have been served a restraining order after a domestic violence incident or need representation as you file for one, you need to have trusted advice and current knowledge of the law. Our firm specializes in helping families during these tumultuous times. We have the compassion and skills needed to ensure the best possible resolution and will protect your rights throughout the process. No one should live in fear as everyone deserves to feel safe and secure. Also, anyone who has committed domestic violence and is dealing with the aftermath in the court system has rights and deserves protection. With our firm on the case, you can rest assured the facts will be investigated and you will be protected in every way. We will dedicate the time and resources necessary to ensure you get the best possible resolution so you can move forward.  

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