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Property and Asset Division Attorney in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an equitable distribution state. This means all martial property will be divided equally unless other factors exist that would make an unequal division more equitable. While the law may be clear, splitting actual property may be more difficult than a couple can imagine. The designation of what constitutes marital property may even be questioned. In addition, property divisions are often non-modifiable post-divorce, so if you are questioning a property division now is the time to speak with an attorney before the Court has issued order or you have signed an agreement.  If you are in the middle of a divorce, you need an attorney who can specifically address your unique property and assets division needs.

Marital Assets

The first step is to determine or prove what a marital asset is and what may be separate assets. Then, a monetary value must be assigned to marital assets. This will help determine an overall value on which the split should be based. In determining how assets will be divided, the Court can consider additional factors such as:

  • The length of a marriage
  • Age of spouses at time of split
  • Occupations and employability of each spouse
  • Custodial parent needs, such as the marital home
  • Contribution of each spouse during the marriage
  • Reasons for less of a contribution, such as staying home to raise a family
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Any gifts or inheritances acquired during the marriage
  • Actions that may have impacted value of assets or depreciated value, such as bad investments

Dedicated Family Law Firm

Each situation is vastly different and the outcome of property and asset division cases reflect how different each situation can be. Our firm understands the stress and anxiety that may encompass the outcome of these decisions. Our attorneys have the negotiating skills needed to find room for compromise and save clients time and worry. We can help find a middle ground and draft an agreement with which both parties can feel comfortable. If an agreement cannot be negotiated, we will fight to protect and secure assets you deserve. Our firm can investigate the true value of assets and fight to ensure all marital assets are handled fairly. Your financial future may hinge on a fair and just property and asset division decision. Let us evaluate the property and assets in question and devise a strategy to maximize the outcome in your favor. We will dedicate the time and resources needed to make sure your divorce and property division issues are resolved quickly and with your future needs in mind.

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