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After an Accident in New Hampshire

When you have been involved in a car accident in NH, you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about what to do. You might also be unaware of your rights and how best to go about protecting those rights. Annutto Law Office can guide you through an accident situation and ensure everything is handled correctly and legally.

Seek Medical Attention

The very first thing you should do after an accident is secure immediate medical help. Anyone injured, regardless of fault, needs to be attended to as soon as possible. Any vehicles involved should stay where they are, unless a vehicle is posing a hazard to others. In that case, everyone and every vehicle should move to a safe location.

Once immediate medical and safety needs are taken care of, you should get as much information as possible. This means gathering the names and numbers of anyone involved and any witnesses. You can take license plate and insurance information also. If possible at the time, you can take pictures of the scene and the damage.

Exchange of Information

After the initial exchange of information, you should take additional pictures of any injuries and evidence that may support your version of the accident, including torn clothes or anything else that may be remotely relevant. It is also recommended that you write down what happened and include any details fresh in your mind. While you think you will remember everything, details can become cloudy after just a few hours, especially if you have been injured or are in shock. The sooner you jot down facts, the more accurate your recollection of the accident will be.

Once you have been treated medically and have taken the immediate steps after an accident, you need to keep careful track of medical bills, appointments, doctor’s notes, missed work time, or anything else related to the accident. This includes anything from the insurance company involved.

Speak to an Experienced Injury Attorney

It is important to contact Annutto Law Office quickly after an accident. Our firm can determine what information is relevant and can even investigate the scene on your behalf. At no time during the process should you sign anything from an insurance company or settle without an attorney. We can evaluate what happened and determine a fair and just settlement that will help you recover as much as possible. Being injured in an accident because of the recklessness of another can be extremely frustrating and emotional. We can ease those frustrations and help you avoid any costly mistakes. Let us guide you through this difficult time.