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Recovering Lost Wages Laws in New Hampshire

If you have been in a car accident and suffered injuries, you may be dealing with mounting medical bills. You may also have to miss work to recover or have suffered a disabling injury that prevents you from working again. Lost wages can take a massive toll on your life and your ability to support your family. If this is the case, Annutto Law Office can help you recover those lost wages.

How to Recover Lost Wages in NH

Lost wages laws in NH can get complicated after an accident. In order to claim and recover lost wages, there are certain steps to take and certain documents to get. A doctor will have to provide documentation about your specific injury, treatment, and medication. This should include specific reasons the injury prevents you from working. It should also include a specific timeline for how long you can’t perform work duties. If the injury is a permanent disability, that should be clearly outlined. It is important to have specific dates and keep all documentation from any health care professional involved.

Documentation Needed

Having the medical documentation needed is one thing. You also need to have specific documentation about your wages. Proof of your wages or salary along with proof of time lost is vital. This can be fairly simple if you are an hourly employee. However, proving wages for commissioned employees or self-employed people may require past tax documents to calculate lost wages. Lost wages also include more than just earnings over a certain time period. Lost wages also encompass lost bonuses, any potential raises lost due to time away, and lost promotional opportunities. Future commissions can also be calculated. With permanent disability, lost earnings now and in the future can be calculated over a lifetime. Because of the potential complications with long-term or unusual wages, experts may need to weigh in and put together accurate numbers.

Experienced Lost Wages Attorney

Annutto Law Office has the understanding and compassion that it takes to grasp just how devastating lost wages can be for an individual and a family. Our firm has the experience to fight for lost wages and we have the resources to handle the most complex cases. We can gather the evidence you need and secure documentation that proves your case down to the dollar. Our firm can set a recovery of lost wages case in motion and evaluate your chances of getting what you need. We will fight for what you have lost from day one and will continue to fight for what you could possibly lose in the future. Let us help you recover the wages you deserve and make it possible to move forward from this difficult time.