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Pain and Suffering Laws in New Hampshire

A personal injury accident in NH can leave behind many scars for victims and victims’ families. However there are scars and injuries that can’t be seen but are still just as costly and devastating for victims and families. If you have been injured, you may be entitled to damages that fall under pain and suffering. Annutto Law Office can evaluate your case and determine if pain and suffering damages may be warranted in your case.

Types of Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering laws in NH can encompass a wide range of damages that are not related to economic damages. Economic damages pertain to medical bills, lost wages, and other monetary damages suffered. Because pain and suffering can’t be measured with a set formula or predetermined number, it can be difficult to decipher and each case can vary greatly. Some of the factors a judge may consider when determining the status of pain and suffering damages may include the severity of the injuries, the duration of the pain and suffering experienced, the details of any physical and psychological trauma.

Some issues or troubles that may warrant a pain and suffering settlement can include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Fear and anxieties
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Mental anguish
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Anger
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Experienced Injury Attorney

When pursuing pain and suffering, it is imperative that you document your troubles. This may be through documentation of therapy and records of doctor visits for certain problems. Professional help may ease some of the problems, but that can grow costly and there may be long-term problems that therapy or a doctor can’t help. The long-term consequences of some of these issues may affect every aspect of your life and your family’s life.

Annutto Law Office takes your pain and suffering seriously. We know these problems can affect your work life, home life, and may cause you to struggle for years to come. While we can’t make pain and suffering disappear, we can calculate an amount that may help you recover as much as possible and move forward with your life. We will evaluate your pain and suffering, find similar cases that may support your case, and negotiate an amount that suits your best interest. Our firm fights for the monetary damages that you have suffered, but we also understand how pain and suffering can affect you overall. There is a three year statute of limitations on pain and suffering claims. Our firm will dedicate the time needed to fight to have your pain and suffering acknowledged. Let us hear what happened to you and see if we can help you move forward.