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Cost to File Bankruptcy in New Hampshire

The financial strain and anxiety that leads a person to file for bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect from the process is vital. It is also vital to understand the financial costs of pursuing bankruptcy. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can outline the fees and help you get back on stable financial footing.

Cost Types

The costs involved depend on the type of bankruptcy filed. To file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the cost is currently $306. Chapter 13 bankruptcy cost $281 to file. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most expensive to file and cost $1,717. The cost is a combination of a filing fee, an administrative fee, and a trustee surcharge fee for those filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Payments can be made in installments if it is difficult to pay all at once. Those filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy should know the fee may be waived if a judge approves the request to do so. That will be dependent on the details of each case. As far as payment methods, any personal checks or credit cards from the debtor will not be accepted. Other checks, credit cards, or money orders may be used to pay the fee.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Working For You

Having a skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side to explain fees and the overall costs of bankruptcy can help you prepare ahead of time. Our firm understands the anxiety and worry that may affect you and your family at this time. With our guidance and advice, we can ensure the bankruptcy process is smooth and fair as you prepare for a more stable financial future.