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Stop Collection Calls – Bankruptcy Attorney for NH

When you are in debt and owe money to numerous creditors, you have rights. You have the right to be protected from abusive credit collection calls and harassment. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can put an end to collection calls and help you get back on stable financial footing.

Collection calls and harassment can be emotionally draining and physically stressful as well. Calls to your work and others may impact your reputation and career goals. Threats can be frightening as some collectors may threaten jail time, wage garnishment, or other forms of punishment that are beyond their legal rights. The calls may even be offensive and filled with abusive language. Some collection callers use deceit and lies to force compliance.

Collection Call Protection

Because of the lines collection callers have crossed and the stress it has caused good citizens, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted. This act protects you from the above behaviors and threats. If you are harassed, the creditor doing the harassment is breaking the law and we can seek enforcement of consequences.

How to Stop Collection Calls

The quickest and easiest way to stop collection calls is to let us handle the situation. We can negotiate with your creditors and work to find a fair settlement. Once bankruptcy is filed, the calls legally have to stop. Before you fear another day of calls or let a creditor intimidate you into agreeing to pay what you can’t or fear the consequences, let us take a look at your situation. We will evaluate your debt, work with your creditors, and take all the steps needed to immediately put an end to the harassment. Once the calls stop, we can help you refocus your energy on solutions for your debt problems. Attorney Joseph M. Annutto understands your credit and debt problems do not speak to your character and you deserve respect while trying to get back on your feet. Our firm will fight for your rights and fight for the respect you deserve. Let us help you move forward and end the collection calls you may have put up with for far too long.