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Stop Creditors from Garnishing Wages in New Hampshire

When you are struggling to get ahead or stay above water financially, the thought of a creditor garnishing your wages may be distressing. You work hard for the money you earn to support a family or provide yourself with the basic necessities of life. Wage garnishment is a loss of control over those earnings and can be demoralizing. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help stop creditors from garnishing wages.

It may come as a relief to know that it isn’t easy for a creditor to garnish you wages. That creditor must first get a court order to do so. Only wages that have been earned but not paid can be garnished. In order to keep garnishing your wages after two weeks, a creditor must return to court again to seek a new order. This process requires creditors to constantly seek another order for each garnishment. This process can be quite a deterrent for some creditors.

It should be noted certain debts can be garnished without a court order. Child support, taxes, and student loan debt can all be garnished without that order.

What is Protected from Garnishment?

Certain income is protected from garnishment in New Hampshire. Social security is protected from garnishment unless the debt is child support, alimony, or federal taxes. Other exemptions for garnishment include pensions and retirement accounts for state workers, police, fire fighters, and federal employees. However, the protection for federal pensions only exist until the money is in your account. Once in your hands, it can be garnished. Firefighters insurance is also exempt from garnishment. Other protected sources of income or support include workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, and aid for the blind, the aged, and the disabled.

If your income isn’t exempt and there are actions being taken toward garnishing wages, you need to know how to stop it. The first thing that may protect your hard-earned money is negotiating with creditors. Our attorneys can negotiate on your behalf and agree to a payment plan that saves you from garnishment. If bankruptcy is filed, any move towards garnishment will stop immediately. Bankruptcy automatically stops all actions to collect debt while the process unfolds. Our firm can put a bankruptcy filing into motion quickly to help you get some stability and breathing room while we determine how best to help you overall.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney Joseph M. Annutto has the experience, knowledge of current garnishment laws, and the compassion needed to protect your income and help you get back on your feet. Let us review your situation and put an end to any attempts to garnish your wages as soon as possible.