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Bail Hearings in New Hampshire

If you are arrested for a crime, a bail hearing is the first step of the legal process. Every person has the right to a bail hearing just as every person has the right to a sound and effective defense. A bail hearing can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. If you or a loved one has a bail hearing, you need comprehensive and immediate legal representation to help you through the process. Annutto Law Office can be by your side during a bail hearing and throughout any leg of the legal process.

Types of Bail Hearings

There are three types of bail in New Hampshire. Cash bail is one possible outcome. This means a certain amount of bail has been set and in order to be released, you must pay the entire amount. After a case concludes, that amount will be refunded. The second type of possible bail is surety bail. This is through a third party. Either a bail bondsman or a bail company will foot the bill for a fee. The third kind of bail is personal recognizance. This is essentially a promise to pay the amount if you fail to appear at your court date.

When bail is set, there are a number of factors a judge may weigh before deciding the type of bail, if any, and the amount. The essence of the alleged crime plays a role and the more serious the crime, the higher the bail amount may be. Other factors include whether or not you are deemed a flight risk. The connections in the community and your job may help a judge believe you are not a flight risk. It will also be noted if you have failed to appear at a previous bail hearings for past charges. If you have violated the terms of past bail hearings, bail may be denied or set unusually high.  The Court also will weigh whether or not you pose a harm to yourself or someone else. In cases of violent crimes, such as domestic violence and battery, this may weigh heavily in a bail hearing.

Experienced Bail Hearings Attorney

A defense attorney with experience and vigorous dedication to gaining your freedom is indispensable. Annutto Law Office knows how much anxiety and upheaval can result from being incarcerated, especially before you have even been found guilty of a crime. Our firm understands the importance of securing your freedom so you can begin to move forward and prepare to defend yourself against any charges. We have the resources needed to fight for a fair bail and fight for your freedom while your case unfolds. We will present your side effectively and do all we can to get you or your loved one out. Let us be there for your bail hearing and help you through this difficult time.