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Field Sobriety Tests Laws in New Hampshire

Field sobriety tests can be intimidating and the results can lead to a DUI charge. Field sobriety tests are unscientific and subjective. This means regardless of the results, you can and have every right to dispute those results and fight any charges that come about after the tests. Annutto Law Office has the resources and experience needed to examine the results of a field sobriety test and work to resolve your case in the fairest way possible.

Administering the FST Properly

Despite the subjective nature of a field sobriety test, there are certain rules and standards a police officer must uphold before determining if you passed of failed a test. According to the law, the officer must be trained to administer a field sobriety test. The officer is also supposed to instruct and demonstrate the tasks you are asked to perform. Some of the more common tests conducted include the horizontal gaze test, walk and turn test, and one-leg stand test.

While the police may say any faltering or failure to complete a field sobriety test means someone has had too much to drink, there are countless other reasons someone may fail a test. One is health conditions. There are many medical conditions which can make doing certain field sobriety tests nearly impossible, if not dangerous. Leg, back, balance issues such as vertigo, hip mobility, and illnesses can make the tasks difficult to complete to the satisfaction of a police officer. Age alone can make certain aspects of a field sobriety test difficult, as can disability. Also, outside forces can make the test nearly impossible, such as wind and other adverse weather conditions.

Experienced Field Sobriety Test Defense Attorney

Annutto Law Office can defend you against the findings of a field sobriety test. A DUI charge may cost you your license and possibly your freedom. We will take the time to investigate the circumstances and review any evidence, such as patrol car video or weather issues. Our firm is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights during difficult times. A DUI can have very serious consequences and impact all aspects of your life. Before accepting a failed sobriety test and believing your fate has been sealed, let us evaluate the situation and fight to protect you any way we can. Our firm can give your case the personal attention needed to ensure fair and just treatment as your case moves forward. Let help fight for you and formulate a defense strategy that ensures a successful and timely outcome.