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Theft Defense Attorney in New Hampshire

Theft charges can be complicated in New Hampshire. The consequences of a theft charge in NH depend on the value of the items and the circumstances under which property was taken or kept. If you have been charged with theft, you need immediate legal assistance and you need to understand the possible consequences of a conviction. Annutto Law Office can review your situation and give your case the time needed to fight for a fair and favorable resolution.

What is Considered Theft?

Theft is legally defined as an act of obtaining control of the property of another. This has to be with the intent or purpose to deprive the owner use of the property. There are many different types of theft in New Hampshire including the following:

  • Theft by deception—a dishonest means of getting someone’s property
  • Theft by extortion—using blackmail or threatening someone to gain property
  • Receiving stolen property—knowing property you acquired was stolen from someone else
  • Theft of services—taking and depriving an owner of professional services, vehicles, or utilities
  • Willful concealment—hiding items you know belong to another

Theft Charges & Penalties in NH

Aside from the exact type of theft, the value of the property will determine how a charge may be handled. If the property is valued at less than $500, it will be a misdemeanor charge with a maximum of one year in prison. If the property is valued between $500 and less than $1,000, it will be a Class B felony. This is punishable with three and a half to seven years in prison. If the item or items are valued at over $1,000, the charge will be a Class A felony. This can lead to seven and a half to 15 years in prison. Regardless of value of property, a third theft conviction is an automatic felony. Any felony conviction will have a severe and far-reaching impact on your life, including your ability to work in certain fields and get certain professional licenses.

Experienced Theft Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with theft, our firm can help. Criminal Attorney Joseph Annutto will take the time to investigate your case and the circumstances of the situation. We will formulate a defense plan and refute the value of the items if possible. Our firm understands what is at stake, including your freedom. We will work with you and keep you informed during every step of your case. We can negotiate a plea bargain when possible and fight to minimize the impact of a charge. Our litigating experience combined with our dedication to helping those who need us most can make our attorneys your most valuable asset. Let us help protect your rights and fight for you.