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Underage DUI Attorney in New Hampshire

Any DUI charge in New Hampshire can impact your life in any number of ways. An underage DUI charge can be even more severe. If you have been charged with underage DUI in NH, you could be facing serious consequences. You need a skilled and experienced DUI attorney by your side who will investigate the case and work to ensure a fair resolution. Annutto Law Office will fight for your rights and defend you against an underage DUI charge.

A blood alcohol content of .02% can result in an underage DUI charge. For some, it may only take one alcoholic drink to measure at or above this level. If pulled over and arrested for underage DUI, you can also be charged with other crimes related to being underage. This can include a possession of alcohol charge and being in possession of a fake ID.

Underage DUI Penalties in NH

The legal consequences for an underage DUI are more severe than for a DUI charge against an of-age person. There is a driver’s license suspension of one to two years. You may also be ordered to install an ignition interlock system for an extended period of time. The fines can start at $500. A conviction can also lead to a substance abuse disorder evaluation and compliance with the service plan recommended. SR-22 insurance will be ordered also. A conviction for underage DUI can impact your finances, reputation, and even interrupt your education. Scholarships and future opportunities may be out of reach if you are convicted of an underage DUI.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Fighting For You!

Regardless of the circumstances, no DUI charge is a slam dunk. Oftentimes, an underage DUI can be plea bargained down if a dedicated attorney is on the case. Annutto Law Office understands everyone makes mistakes. If you are facing an underage DUI, you need someone in your corner who will fight for you and fight to get the best outcome possible. It can be a stressful and frightening time simply because of the unknowns. Our firm will dedicate the time and resources needed to get a fair resolution. We will use our negotiating skills to lessen charges if possible and devise a defense plan that helps you move forward. Attorney Annutto will vigorously challenge evidence and investigate your case with your best interest in mind. Let us hear the details of your underage DUI situation and help you move forward as quickly as possible.