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Collaborative Law in New Hampshire

Divorce, parenting and other family law matters can be time-consuming, expensive, and contentious. For some clients, litigation is the only way to resolve conflict or reach an agreement. Others may find the collaborative law process beneficial.  Collaborative law is an elective process that occurs largely outside of the Court. The divorce attorneys at Annutto Law Office have the skills and experience necessary to make the collaborative process work for you.

What is Collaborative Law?

The first requirement of collaborative law requires both parties to agree to participate in the process. After participation is agreed upon, the parties meet, together with their attorneys, to negotiate and solve the issues between the parties. Both sides are heard and get to have their ideas considered in a dignified and respectful setting. Collaborative law attorneys utilize effective communication and negotiating skills to ensure the process goes smoothly and to explore workable solutions to the problems at hand.

In family law, there are a number of issues that may be resolved more effectively through collaborative law rather than through costly and lengthy litigation. Disputes over property division, parenting, alimony and spousal support, and periodic modifications to existing agreements are all good candidates for collaborative law.

Benefits to Collaborative Law

There are a great many benefits to the collaborative law process. One of the greatest benefits is the avoidance of litigation. Litigation can become adversarial quickly and may lead to a breakdown in communication overall. With collaborative law, both sides feel heard and can walk away knowing their concerns were addressed in a fair and constructive way. It also allows for private resolution of family law matters. Litigation in family court is part of public record and this can include support amounts and property division details.

Experienced Collaborative Lawyers

In order for the collaborative law process to be successful, attorneys who are highly trained and whom have the necessary communication and negotiating skills are needed. At the Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto, attorneys experienced in the collaborative law process can be your greatest resource during a difficult time. We have the compassion, understanding, and effective communication techniques proven to garner results. We will take the time to listen to your needs and find a way to best relay those needs to the other side. We will also work diligently to find innovative and creative solutions that work for your situation. Let us hear the details of your family law issue and see if the collaborative law process may help you get the resolution that works best for your case.


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