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Divorce in New Hampshire

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time that involves a great deal of upheaval for everyone. It affects finances, family dynamics and personal relationships in an untold number of ways. The process may be distressing and overwhelming even when both parties agree to the process. Having a skilled and experienced divorce attorney by your side to manage your divorce will help protect your rights and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

The Divorce Process

A divorce will entail a mountain of decisions and each one is unique to the couple involved. Issues such as custody and property division, can grow contentious and complicated. Equitable division of property can be difficult to navigate. If a trial is held in the Family Division, a judge will hear both sides and ultimately decide issues including property division, parenting, and alimony. Other decisions may depend on the best needs of the children, size of the assets, and individual needs of both parties.

You need an attorney to outline all of the decisions and issues you have recognized, and point out those that have been overlooked. Everything from filing the appropriate paperwork, meeting Court deadlines, and understanding current the law are essential parts of the process. An experienced attorney can navigate the legal system and ensure all motions and petitions are handled correctly. A divorce attorney from our firm will also apply negotiating techniques that can settle issues such as parenting and division of property.

Experienced Divorce Attorney Working For You

Annutto Law Office understands the emotional toll of a divorce and the personal nature of the decisions that need to be made. Our attorneys can handle your divorce needs with compassion and understanding, while working to protect your rights and your future as you move forward from a possibly painful time. We will effectively negotiate when possible and vigorously fight for the best resolution if litigation is necessary. With patience, dedication, and personal attention to your needs, our firm can be your best resource as you go through this major life change.

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