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Limited Representative in New Hampshire Divorces

Legal assistance and guidance is recommended for virtually every legal situation. This is particularly true when it comes to matters in the family law court system, although full-time representation may not be needed or affordable for some. In New Hampshire, limited representation is an option when legal services are warranted but keeping an attorney on retainer isn’t feasible or necessary. The limited representation options at the Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help clients get the help they need on their own terms and at an affordable rate.

The process of securing limited representation starts with an agreement between the attorney and the client. There are basic guidelines and expectations that must be agreed upon before an attorney will go forward. The exact role an attorney will play in a case and what services that attorney will deliver need to be clear for both parties. A fee for the services will also be determined. This kind of representation gives a client the freedom to customize legal services and control the cost of those services.

Types of Limited Representation

There are certain matters in which limited representation is common, including:

  • Advising prior to a hearing
  • Preparation of legal document
  • Counseling as to the legal process
  • Consultations before giving testimony or before a hearing
  • Research of laws and statutes
  • Review of testimony and evidence
  • Representation of a client for part of a court hearing

Experienced Family Law Attorney

At the Annutto Law Office, we understand that each case is unique. Legal hearings and court procedures are not a one-size-fits-all environment and clients may have an understanding of what services they need most. The cost-effectiveness of limited representation can be of great benefit to anyone who has an upcoming hearing or court date. Family law can be complicated, but those who are experienced with the system and who know what parts of the legal process they need the most assistance with may find limited representation to be the key to a successful outcome. Let us hear the details of your situation and see if a custom approach to limited representation may be what you need.

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