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Mediation in New Hampshire

Any divorce can be an emotional and trying journey, even when it is wanted by both sides. Divorce does not have to always be a battle that leaves all parties anxious, stressed, and financially strained. It also doesn’t have to be a public event that results in information about property and support being part of the public record. A mediated divorce can be the quickest, most cost-effective and least contentious way to dissolve a marriage. The mediators at The Annutto Law Office can mediate your divorce and help you move forward onto a new chapter.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation works well for couples who have a low level of conflict and who want the most cost-effective and amicable split. Mediation is one way to avoid litigation where the parties have control of the process and decisions made rather than leaving both to the determination of a Judge. In New Hampshire, mediation will be ordered as part of any divorce involving minor children unless there is a restraining order or a history of domestic violence.  In addition, even in cases not involving minor children, Judges will strongly encourage parties to participate in mediation.

One benefit of mediation is that both parties get to be heard and typically leave the situation feeling respected and comfortable with the results. A mediator will take each issue and put forth creative solutions that may resolve the parties disputes. Property division, child support, parenting, and alimony may all be decided through mediation. Any other issues or concerns can also be addressed and resolved.

Mediation Process

The key to successful mediation is to trust the experience and guidance of the mediator and to have your own legal advice. Patience is also needed as issues need to be dissected and both sides need the time to express what matters most to them. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto has the experience and understanding needed to guide the mediation process for any couple. Our firm can help you through this journey so you can move forward with a sense of satisfaction. An agreement that works in the best interest of both parties is possible with time, effective communication, and a respectful environment. Before assuming divorce has to be a battle and time-consuming, let us explore the details of your unique situation and see if our mediation skills may be the tool you need to begin to put a divorce behind you. Contact us today.

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