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Modification of Family Law Matters in New Hampshire

When a Court Order is issued in family court, the order is binding by law. However, there may be circumstances that render that order outdated, inappropriate or useless. Circumstances may also change in a way that means the order can no longer be upheld by either or both parties.  If an order needs to be adjusted or can no longer be upheld, a modification may be sought. The modification process can be complicated and time-consuming. If you need to seek a modification of a court order or wish to fight a modification, you need legal counsel who has experience handling modifications. The attorneys at the Law Firm of Joseph M. Annutto can get the results you need for a modification case.

Reasons for Modification

A modification can be sought for a number of reasons. Child support orders can be modified every three years or based upon a substantial change in circumstances.  One party may seek to modify spousal support or alimony if there has been a change in income.  It is important to note that alimony orders can only be modified for up to five years from the date of a final order or the final payment of alimony.  If you are considering an alimony modification, it is important to speak with an attorney right away.

Parenting orders may be modified in certain circumstances.  A modification may occur based on a change in parents’ work schedules, relocation, the preference of a mature minor, or concerns about children’s safety when with the other parent.

Resources: Modification Laws in New Hampshire

If you want to seek a modification, you need an attorney who will dedicate the time necessary to gather evidence or documentation proving a need for the modification. You also need an attorney with negotiating skills who can work towards a resolution that is agreeable to all involved.

Experienced Lawyer for Modifications

Our law firm can dedicate the time needed to ensure a successful modification process. We will use our experience and skill to avoid litigation as much as possible. If litigation is needed, our attorneys will fight vigorously to get the modification approved or contest the modification you oppose. We know the importance of a modification and how any kind of change in a court order can impact your life in a number of ways. When you are faced with a modification case, turn to our trusted and dedicated attorneys to help you navigate the situation and get the fair resolution you need.

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