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Restraining Orders in New Hampshire

Restraining orders are taken very seriously in New Hampshire. If you need to file for one or have one filed against you, it is vital that you have the guidance and support of a trusted and experienced attorney. The Law Office of Joseph Annutto can help you deal with a restraining order as you try to move forward from a difficult time.

Issuance of a Restraining Order

A restraining order in NH can be issued against someone with whom there is an intimate or significant relationship. This may be a spouse, ex-spouse, co-parent, dating partner, member of the household, or a blood relative. If you are assaulted, harassed, threatened, your property is destroyed or you are being stalked, you may be entitled to file a restraining order with the Court. If the Judge finds that you have met the statutory requirements for a restraining order, a temporary restraining order may be issued. Once a temporary restraining order is issued, a hearing will be scheduled where a judge will hear details of the situation and determine if a long-term order is warranted. A court can impose a restraining order for up to one year if the judge feels it is necessary. At the hearing, both sides are able to present their case and version of what happened. This can be an emotional and distressing event. It is important to have a clear-headed and dedicated attorney by your side to explain the process and prepare you for what may occur.

A restraining order can be life-altering for all involved. The person served with an order may have to leave a shared home and cannot contact the other party for the duration of the restraining order. That person cannot go to a school or workplace that the other person or shared children may be at either. Firearms will have to be surrendered also. A person with an order against him or her may also be ordered to pay support for the other person and continue to pay bills, such as the mortgage, rent, and utilities.

Experienced Restraining Order Attorney

Having an attorney who has experience with restraining orders and family law is a must. The Law Office of Joseph M. Annutto can help you understand your responsibilities and rights when facing an order or filing an order. Our firm knows these types of cases require understanding, compassion, and sensitivity. A restraining order can also impact your career and reputation. Our firm is dedicated to helping you defend yourself or present your side in the best possible light. We will work to minimize the disruption in your life and the impact an order may have on everyone involved. Let us hear the details of your case and see what kind of help we may be able to provide during this trying time.

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